Making data protection easier for SMEs.

We want to make data protection feasible for everyone – easy to understand, at a manageable cost and in a reasonable amount of time. With our simple and comprehensive solution, you can concentrate on your core business and sleep a little more carefree.


Data protection is a question of mindset

Meet the visionaries shaping the digital frontiers of tomorrow

David Brucker


With David as a hacker in the team, no system is secure and no technical problem is unsolvable. His enthusiasm for new things, whether foreign cultures or new technologies, is only surpassed by his family and his Harley (in that order).

Stefan Winkler


As a visionary, Stefan loves to round off the angular and make complex topics simple. He even manages to generate enthusiasm for “exciting” topics such as data protection and cybersecurity despite strong resistance.

Mathias Schüpany

Co-Founder and Development Lead

Mathias is the technical brain behind Metasoul. While others think of DevOps and CI/CD pipelines as serious illnesses, he is reaching new heights and solving even the most difficult product problems with ease using innovative approaches.

mindsetters: IT security experts with an affinity for data protection

Metasoul was created over the past three years as part of mindsetters through its experience in IT security and data protection consulting and was spun off as an independent company in 2024. Metasoul is therefore not just another GDPR platform, but the epitome of security, trust and first-hand expertise.


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