Our pricing model is just as simple and efficient as our product.

Task management

Task management breaks down all tasks for GDPR compliance into clear, small steps and prioritises them for the user.

Company profile

Questions about the company that are less relevant under data protection law, but are essential for the creation of legally important data protection documentation.

Service provider directory

Centralized directory of all the company’s service providers as the basis for the necessary data protection documentation.

Technical and organisational measures (TOMs)

Metasoul facilitates the GDPR-compliant documentation of data protection through comprehensible templates for TOMs and already recommends important TOMs for the company context.

And many more features...

Full protection - one subscription for all

65,00 € / month

Annual billing – € 780.00 / year

Metasoul Early Bird

only for a short period of time

52,00 € / month

Annual billing – € 624.00 / year


Simple, fits every budget and saves time.

Our approach makes it possible to be GDPR-compliant in a simple, cost-effective and time-efficient manner.


Reduce your dependence on expensive lawyers with our all-in-one solution.

Simple user interface

Data protection is complex? Not with Metasoul and its intuitive and simple interface.

Time-saving & reliable

We create all the important information about your company with just a few questions, saving you time for your work.


Frequently asked questions

Find out why Metasoul is the perfect solution for your business.

How long am I bound for?

A Metasoul subscription is always taken out and paid for for one year.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit and debit cards as well as payments via SEPA direct debit.

Are there discounts for long-term contracts?

The bad news: unfortunately not. The good news is that Metasoul is already very reasonably priced, as we aim to make data protection affordable for everyone.

Any further questions?

Contact us for more information.